Policies and Codes

A strong value system and ethical business practices define a company’s work culture

Name Date Download
Tax Policy June 21, 2018
Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors January 12, 2018
Policy for Combating Sexual Harassment at Work September 25, 2017
CSR and Sustainability Committee Charter April 28, 2017
Code of Conduct and Business Ethics w.e.f 01.01.2017 February 20, 2017
Ethical View Reporting Policy February 20, 2017
Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers January 02, 2017
Dividend Distribution Policy December 17, 2016
Policy on Board Diversity December 09, 2015
Policy on dissemination of information and determining materiality of Information to Stock Exchange December 09, 2015
Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries October 28, 2015
Policy on materiality of RPT October 28, 2015
Policy on Archival of Information on Company’s website October 28, 2015
Code of Practices and Procedures for fair disclosure of UPSI. May 15, 2015
Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading May 15, 2015
Policy for selection, appointment and remuneration of Directors February 18, 2015
CSR Policy April 24, 2014
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