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Stakeholder engagement

Ambuja Cement’s mission is to create value for all its stakeholders by setting new benchmarks in sustainable construction in India

Since its inception, the company has engaged with varied groups of stakeholders at different levels to understand their expectations and to make them partners in its journey towards sustainable development. As a measure of the importance of its stakeholders, the company has created dedicated engagement vehicles for some of its stakeholder groups.

Approach to stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Modes of engagement Frequency
Shareholders and investors
Through our investor relations arm and various communication channels including annual report, quarterly releases and investor calls, we engage with our shareholders and investors. Key concerns are shared with the Board
One-on-one shareholder interaction when requested
Dealers/Channel partners
We engage with our dealers through channel satisfaction surveys, annual conferences, meetings and marketing meets
—Once in two years (survey)
—Annual/continuous process
We hold regular supplier meets, periodic assessments and interactions to ensure a transparent procurement system, address suppliers’ grievances, expand network and reduce their risks
Spread across the year
We engage with our customers through technical services team camps, workshops, seminars and site visits
Spread across the year
We regularly undertake employee engagement surveys, hold function specific meetings, and engage with our employees through internal newsletters and magazines, townhalls and events
—Once in two years (survey)
—Continuous process/ quarterly/monthly
Through the Ambuja Cement Foundation, the Community Advisory Panel continues the positive engagement with communities for sustainable mining, water conservation, land reclamation, and health and safety of stakeholders in operations and logistics
Continuous process
Government and regulatory agencies
We hold periodic meetings with respective regulatory agencies and communications on proposed legislations
Continuous process
Construction professionals
We engage with construction professionals through Ambuja Knowledge Centres for right product selection, knowledge dissemination on good construction, product quality and applicability
Continuous process
Industry associations
We interact with industry associations through meetings, policy papers, conferences to highlight issues faced by the Company/ industry, need for policy interventions, policy advocacy on sustainable development practices in the value chain

* Dedicated vehicles of engagement

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