3. Dividend for the year 2019.

The Company has a robust track record of rewarding its shareholders with a generous dividend pay-out. However, with a view to conserve resources for the upcoming expansion and other capital expenditure projects, the Board of Directors is pleased to recommend a dividend of 1.50/- per share (75%) which will result in the total pay-out of 298 Crores. This represents a pay-out ratio of 20%. The dividend pay-out is in accordance with the Company’s Dividend Distribution Policy which is provided as ‘Annexure – I’ to this Report. The policy is also available on the website http://ambujacement.com/Upload/PDF/dividend.distribution.policy.pdf

Credit Rating

The Company’s sound financial management and its ability to service financial obligations in a timely manner, has been affirmed by the credit ratings agency CRISIL with Long-term instrument rated as AAA/STABLE and Short-term instrument rated as A1+