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Ambuja KAWACH expands its reach to Northern region

11 August, 2020

Ambuja KAWACH – a stronger, denser, and water-resistant cement product – has been unveiled in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir, where the Company has a strong footprint. Designed to cater to the unmet needs of customers, this premium quality solution embeds superior performance properties and has been developed through the Company’s in-house manufacturing and product innovation capabilities. The product was earlier launched in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan from where it is receiving an overwhelming response.

The product was unveiled by Rajiv Kumar — Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) via video conferencing in the presence of over 250 Dealers. Also graced the virtual event was Neeraj Akhoury — MD&CEO; Ashish Prasad – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO); Umesh Soni – Head of Technical Services; Amit Agarwal – Director Sales (North); Ajay Pathik – Head of Technical Services (North), and Arun Jha – Head of Nalagarh plant.

On this occasion, Mr. Akhoury said, “The introduction of Ambuja KAWACH reinforces our commitment to meet high-quality water-repellent cement requirements of customers. This stronger, denser, and water-resistant offering reflects our pursuit of customer excellence by providing the latest construction innovations along with superior Strength and Quality. Consumers are facing the problems of seepage for a long time and this solution will aptly address their hassles by making the structure strong and waterproof. This environmentally compliant product, developed in collaboration with our Group’s R&D teams, will help the customers build a hassle-free and lasting constructions.”

Referring to Dealers, Mr Akhoury said, “We are fortunate to introduce this new offering which will boost your business growth. Aided by your support, the overall performance in the month of May and June has been good after a slump in April when the nation witnessed a complete lockdown. I am confident that Sales will further pick up in the coming months. I will be happy to visit your shops once the normalcy is restored.”

Available in 50-kg tamper-proof packaging, Ambuja KAWACH is the one-of-its-kind specially formulated offering that prevents water seepage in the most effective manner, thus improving durability and lifespan of house. Product demonstrations and videos showcasing how this new offering will put an end to seepage woes have generated a lot of enthusiasm among the dealers, who welcomed this innovation with rounds of applause.

Ambuja KAWACH will help the company reach closer to customers – segmented as Individual Home Builders (IHB) – as it addresses a wide range of challenges including inconsistent quality, time & cost overruns, unsatisfactory finishing to increasing cost of maintenance.

Rajiv Kumar urged the Dealers to promote this product as water-resistant innovation and not just as a cement product. “Ambuja Cement is a strong brand and your role in this journey so far has been incredible. I am confident that you all will make this new product successful. This is a unique product as you can demonstrate to customers its distinctive features and quality. We are fully committed to extend all possible support to the Dealers” Mr Rajiv also elaborated on initiatives that will help Dealers to expand their business.

Ashish Prasad informed Dealers, “This product’s launch demonstrates our agility in thought and action to the changing environment. It is time to quickly adapt to current conditions and leverage opportunities. As we are gradually returning to our regular business operations, our efforts are on to raise consumer awareness on our products and services. We are also focusing on reaching out to customers digitally – be it offering products’ digital kits or digital ads through various platforms.”

Umesh Soni provided the Dealers with insights into a product’s quality, function, and usefulness. “Ambuja KAWACH was earlier launched in different states from where we received extremely good response. We will extend full support to Dealers in promoting this product’s value proposition to the customers. We will together take this product to a new level of success”

Dealers are confident that this product will definitely succeed in the market as it promises a great value proposition. “This is an absolutely great innovation. No competitor has such a unique offering and we too are excited after personally experiencing how this product works, thanks to the unique way of demonstrations by Ambuja teams. Without doubt, we will translate our excitement into Sales,” Dealers said in unison.
Ambuja KAWACH bags were also dispatched to markets from Nalagarh plant soon after the launch.

Whilst the infrastructure and commercial construction segments have evolved with efficient construction solutions, the IHBs continue to face a wide range of challenges due to water seepage. This easy-to-use product’s advanced chemical properties will strengthen all types of concrete structures’ resistance to harmful chemicals, impurities, and moisture. It also prevents water infiltration through micropores. The hydrophobic nature of Ambuja KAWACH limits the oxidation of reinforcement in the concrete structure and prevents corrosion.