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Ambuja Cement: The clear leader

Ambuja Cement
October 10, 2018

What makes Ambuja Cement unique? One answer is our customer-focused strategy, a clear business vision, innovativeness and nimbleness, and empowerment of our employees – all of which combine to form our multidimensional business philosophy which has helped us become a pre-eminent cement manufacturer in India.

But, we strongly believe that the biggest enabler of our success has been our unique work culture defined by the I Can spirit. Thanks to the I Can spirit, we have consistently and continually pushed ourselves to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Whether it be increasing productivity, reducing fuel consumption, quicker project commissioning, moving closer to large markets with a hub-n-spoke model or reaching big coastal markets like Mumbai at 1/3rd the cost by using bulk sea transportation – Ambuja has set new benchmarks and practices for the industry, and continues to do lead by example.

Additionally, a great product portfolio, strong dealer network – 9,000 strong with more than 25,000 retailers under them – combined with our strong brand equity and a clear focus on keeping the customer at the core of our activities has helped the Ambuja brand to make an impact in a highly fragmented retail market.

Our I Can spirit also inspires us to operate as a responsible corporate citizen, with a focus on sustainable development. We can proudly claim that a whopping 92% of our products are eco-friendly. From the introduction of environment-friendly Portland Pozzolana Cement to replace the Ordinary Portland Cement to the recent launch of Ambuja Compocem which combines cement, fly ash and slag product, Ambuja’s products are designed to minimise the damage to the environment. Moreover, we have pioneered the development of multiple, biomass and co-fired technology for generating green power in our captive plants.

It is Ambuja’s I Can spirit that drives us to be the most sustainable and competitive company in the industry.

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