Reaching out to rural India in the fight against Coronavirus

07 April, 2020

Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) — CSR arm of Ambuja Cement — has been at the forefront of creating awareness about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in rural India.

ACF’s health functionaries including Sakhis and volunteers are reaching out to the villagers around Ambuja Cement’s operations, educating them about hand washing techniques, social distancing, and benefits of being quarantined, etc. Several Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials that raise awareness on this infection are being circulated.

While government authorities are taking all possible steps, including ramping up health infrastructure, to control the spread of this deadly virus; communities are doing their bit by closing their village entrance gates restricting entry and exit of outsiders. ACF team’s active groundwork in core villages in different states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal is helping communities in realising how imperative it is to take stringent precautionary measures.

Sakhis – a group of women volunteers trained by ACF in healthcare services – are closely working with local health authorities, and identifying migrant workers returning homes to have their health check-ups done. ACF is also providing body temperature measuring devices wherever possible for the screening of suspected cases.

In a few villages, areas outside community water pumps, and wells have been cordoned off with white box markings so that people distance themselves and do not crowd in such areas. The villages look almost deserted today with barely anybody stepping out of their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Watch the video to take a glimpse of the initiatives….