‘Neev Abhiyan’ to help ‘Housing for All’, the sustainable way

Ambuja Cement
November 28, 2018

Ambuja Cement has been setting new benchmarks in sustainable construction year after year. Among its various holistic programs includes the very successful ‘Neev Abhiyan’ initiative that imparts formal training to upskill masons and contractors by strengthening their knowledge-base and technical skill-sets through certified training modules and value-added services which promote sustainable construction.

Contractor (middle) receiving Neev Abhiyan training completion certificate from Ambuja Cement's team member (left) and a dealer (right)

Spearheaded by the Technical Services team, the program has trained over 41,000 masons and contractors in various workshops across India in the last one year. This program is also assisting in addressing the developing demand for trained masons and contractors required for the rapidly growing construction sector in India. ‘Housing for All’ initiative underlines the Government’s push for sustainable construction.

On this training model, Umesh Soni, Ambuja Cement’s Technical Services Corporate Head said, “The ‘Neev Abhiyan’ program, one of the pioneering initiatives by Ambuja Cement, has been partnering in the growth of contractors and masons by helping them establish and build their credibility as solution providers for sustainable construction. The certificates presented to them on completion of the program from a reputed brand like Ambuja Cement is earning them more customers and contracts, thus generating more income to them.

“At a time when Sustainable Construction is gaining momentum in the country, the enhanced knowledge, expertise and capability of the construction professionals because of this program are enabling them gain competitive edge. Moreover, whenever these professionals face any challenges, they approach us for solutions,” added Mr. Soni.

The Company has created its own curriculum for the program. This consists of six education modules – project management, steel estimation & detailing, estimation & costing, repair & waterproofing, constructing earthquake resistant structures and rainwater harvesting. The training includes classroom as well as field sessions with an enhanced focus on knowledge application. A strong team of over 200 engineers has opened possibilities to thousands of contractors, architects, builders and engineers through this program.

The team is also engaged with 3300 construction professionals (architects & engineers) through technical sessions/lectures at its 29 Ambuja Knowledge Centres (AKCs), which provide platform to share information, create interaction and stimulate creative thinking to the architects, engineers and construction (AEC) community whilst encouraging innovation in the field of cement, concrete, construction technology and civil engineering.

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