Medical teams of Ambuja Cement focus on prevention and awareness

24 June, 2020

Ever since the pandemic was announced, Ambuja’s medical health professionals led by Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Prakash Pokharna have been at the forefront to combat this unprecedented crisis.

As a core member of the country’s business resilience team (BRT), he along with ACC CMO Dr. Pushpender Handa and the medical team (comprising of ~ 40 medical and 100 paramedical staff) burnt the mid-night oil customizing guidelines set by the Group so that our employees could safely adjust to the new normal.

At one of the webinars with employees, the two CMOs emphasized on certain key aspects to stay safe and healthy.“It is not just enough to wear a mask or PPEs but wearing it correctly and ensuring hygiene at all times is crucial,” said Dr Pokharna and demonstrated how this should be done.

“Build your immunity with exercise and proper diet while at home,” advised Dr Handa. “Take care of yourself and this way you will ensure the continued good health of vulnerable family members like ageing parents or if anyone is recuperating from an illness.”

When the government issued the go-ahead to resume plant operations from 20th April, a Standard Health screening guideline was rolled out prior to start of operations. Subsequently, those certified temporarily unfit for various reasons like uncontrolled BP, blood sugar or heart problems were asked to stay home.

Each person entering the plant now had to go through the rigour of daily temperature check using IR temperature guns; OPD services were resumed at all health centres of the two OpCos after strictly following COVID19 guidelines that includes donning the full body PPE kits and N95 masks.

Going forward, it does seem that this situation will continue for some more time. Hence at all our areas of operation, certain protocol has been put in place – daily temperature checks, monitoring employee moments, quarantine zones created (red, amber and green), reiterating health measures through demonstrations via webinars emphasising frequent hand washing, sanitization and social distancing. In addition, support on improving mental resilience through online counselling services has also been extended to employees and their families.

Meanwhile, as part of its ongoing CSR efforts, Ambuja Cement has donated 12 ventilators to the government of Maharashtra – the state with the highest number of COVID-19 cases in India.

Ambujanagar Multispeciality Hospital (AMH)

Only hospital in LafargeHolcim India dedicated for Covid-19

The Ambujanagar Multispeciality Hospital (AMH), at Kodinar, Gujarat state is the only hospital of LH India dedicated for Covid-19 patients. Designated by the state government, this 50-bed hospital is fully equipped with ventilators, syringe pumps, infusion pumps etc.  With 12 consulting doctors and full-fledged nursing and operations teams, this hospital is the only one in a radius of 50 km.

Dr Rakesh Kapuria, COO of AMH says that all measures are strictly followed by all personnel and patients. “All staff are provided with appropriate PPEs and every patient is screened and sanitised before being directed to the OPD. Likewise, every caution is followed in case patients require any operative/ invasive procedures.

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DP Vishwakarma
Thank you Dr .Pokharna Sir for your special attention to combat against Covid 19 situation & protect us by examine health of employees & their family members very effectively at time to time As a result we at Maratha Cement are safe and ready to combat any such challenges under the guide line of our Unit Head Shri SK Paneri Sir , CMO Dr Prakash Pokharna Sir .
24 Jun 2020
Dr Rakesh kapuria
Proud of my AMH team. They are doing a great job in these difficult times. God Bless Dr.R.Kapuria COO-AMH
24 Jun 2020