I Can spirit strengthens Ambuja’s position as an innovator

Ambuja Cement
July 23, 2018

How did our team successfully launch light-coloured cement with high strength?

-By combining the power of their own grey matter.

With rapid urbanisation and infrastructure development in the Eastern belt of India, Ambuja’s people saw an opportunity. These markets favour lighter coloured cement for individual homes, so that painting can be delayed. However, studies showed that consumers doubted the strength of these types of cement. Who better than to change this perception, than the brand associated with giant strength?

The challenge was to create a cement that was lighter in colour, without compromising on the product’s sturdiness. To achieve this, our people decided to work backwards. Keeping the end result of strength and colour in mind, the team at Ambuja and LH Central Technical Lab spent hours tweaking the formula to achieve the perfect balance. It was time to launch Ambuja Compocem, but the timing wasn’t ideal. The economy was still in recovery mode at this point. Conventional wisdom might have been to delay the launch, but our people had other ideas.

The marketing team stepped in to counter any setback, creating communication that stood out. The tagline ‘Ab ujlepan ko mili Ambuja ki takat’ worked wonders. Even the vibrant packaging was designed to uniquely tamper-proof, the solid quality further reinforcing the idea of strength. It was the I Can spirit that brought different teams together to launch a success story and strengthen Ambuja’s position as an innovator in the cement industry.

Ambuja Compocem was a resounding triumph, generating 150 thousand tonnes of sales in 2017. With an innovative formula that significantly reduced CO2 emissions, the light grey cement was also lighter on the environment.

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