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Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting initiative’s reach expands

Ambuja Cement
November 13, 2018

Ambuja Cement has been spearheading the efforts in the country to conserve water in line with its commitment to Sustainability. As a result, our Technical Services team’s Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting (RRWH) solution has become a preferred choice among the customers as this initiative has already been implemented at nearly 500 sites across the country. The work is underway at another 100 sites.

The objective of RRWH, which was introduced in 2016, is to encourage customers to save water for consumption by availing the consultancy and installation rainwater harvesting service. The installation will ultimately enable increased access to water, particularly in areas facing serious water shortage. In addition, it will raise the water table and improve the quality of groundwater.

Technical Services team is enabling conservation of over 60 million litres of water per annum through successful implementation of this initiative in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh among others. Apart from this, our CSR arm Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) too educates families on the benefits of rainwater harvesting and when families invest in this, ACF provides subsidies wherever possible. Owing to such efforts, we have earned 5.5 times Water Positive status – the highest in the industry.

Speaking on this unique RRWH solution, Chief Marketing Officer Deepak Mehra said, “Since inception, we as a responsible corporate has been at the forefront in encouraging and implementing policies in the industry that reduce the usage of natural resources in business operations. In this direction, the company continues to develop innovative solutions that deliver maximised value to customers while adhering to the principles of Sustainability. This RRWH solution which helps effectively conserve water is part of a wide portfolio of sustainable construction products and services the company offers.”

Such initiative assumes even more significance at a time when the central government’s think tank National Institution for Transforming India widely known as NITI Aayog observing that nearly 600 million people in the country will face high to extreme water stress and 21 cities will run out of the groundwater by 2020. Realising the gravity of the issue, the government has been promoting adoption of rainwater harvesting systems to augment groundwater capacity through various schemes and initiatives.

“As per various reports, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply by 2030, implying severe water scarcity for millions of people. Hence, to meet the future requirements, an apt solution such as ‘Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting’ needs to be leveraged across regions,” concluded Mr Mehra. This initiative has been developed through multiple reference codes, manuals and research reports.

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