Eyes on the green prize

Ambuja Cement
October 3, 2018

At Ambuja Cement, sustainability has always been paramount and this sustained focus on environment-friendly practices has enabled us to stand out from the competition and set new benchmarks for the industry. Our latest achievement – being ranked No. 2 by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – reflects this commitment. What’s even more delightful is the fact that we have topped in the climate governance & strategy category. Notably, Ambuja Cement’s concerted efforts guided by our low-carbon roadmap have helped us reduce 30% of our CO2 emissions since 1990.

The CDP report features 13 of the world’s largest publicly-listed cement companies which account for 15% of the total global cement production. The report ranks the companies based on their business readiness for a low-carbon economy transition.

With the aim of being the most sustainable company in the cement industry, Ambuja Cement has robust plans to further reduce the environmental impact of cement production and ensure long-term sustainability. The company has now set its sights on further improving the ranking in other parameters which will ultimately drive our performance in innovation – both in operations and products.

In the modern age, sustainability cannot succeed without the backing of technology. Ambuja Cement’s recent invention, the first-ever composite cement product, is a testimony to this. The composite cement – a combination of clinker, fly ash and slag – has clinker factor far below the industry average and offers a stronger product with 16% reduced CO2 emissions. This innovation proves once again that our business ethos combines a strong emphasis on development and strict implementation of sustainability to pursue goals beyond financial gains.

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