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Ambuja Cement

The Strength of Belief

Ambuja Cement has always set the benchmark of quality and durability. With Giant Compressive strength it is what millions trust to construct a stronger home that lasts longer.


Strength to Withstand Water

Ambuja’s engineering breakthrough that simply refuses to let water break through its defences. Denser, stronger, water-resistant. It keeps your home leakage and seepage-proof.


Strength Made Brighter

Brightness now gets Ambuja’s strength with Compocem. A superior composite cement that combines slag for a brighter, whiter finish and silica gel for extra strength.


Ambuja PLUS

Added Strength for the Roof

A stronger slab that will last the test of the elements and of time. Ambuja Plus ensures 100% silicate gel formation that fills every pore for a denser, stronger concrete that lasts.

Ambuja Certified Technology

Science for Stronger Homes

From Computerised Concrete Mix proportion to Modular Curing Sheets and more. Discover the right materials, techniques and advice you need to help you build a stronger home.

Ambuja Cool Walls

Cooler Homes. Stronger walls.

Concrete Blocks build better than bricks. Keep homes 5 Degrees cooler. Are easier to work and have better finish. And don’t have the problem of ‘salt’ or efflorescence bricks have.


PuraSand by Ambuja Cement

Partners for Strength and Finish

High quality sand is key to better consistency of plaster mix for a smoother finish. PuraSand by Ambuja is the perfect partner to Ambuja Cement for a smoother, better finish.

Ambuja Rainwater Filter

Strengthening the Earth

Ambuja Rainwater Filter is simple easy to use and innovative solution that provides water for your needs even as it recharges the groundwater and ensures a greener future for all.

Ambuja Tilocol

Adding Strength to Beauty

Unlike conventional cement-sand mortar used for fixing of tiles, Tilocol forms a uniform levelled surface and covers the entire surface evenly for stronger bonds and less breakage.


ColorSave by Ambuja Cement

Colours that stay Strong

A wall putty with technologically superior polymer base specially created to tackle the problem of paint flaking and uneven surfaces that mar the beauty of paint you put on walls.

Ambuja Plazto

Stronger Plaster. Smoother Finish.

Finding high quality sand and the right mix of cement and sand can be cumbersome, time-consuming. Plazto from Ambuja is the ideal solution that is easy and readymade.

SeelanSeal by Ambuja Cement

Strength that Stops Leakage and Seepage

An integral liquid waterproofing compound with surface-active plasticising agents, polymers and additives that improves water tightness, prevents leakages and seepages.

True Value: Our real worth

An innovation in sustainability