The plant that Grew Smiles


As you enter the lanes of Mundwa, a remote town of Rajasthan, all you see is a flurry of construction activities, and rays of optimism. Trucks, loaders and hundreds of engineers are working in tandem to build a state-of-the-art cement plant in the town. Soon, the neighborhood will be dotted with grocery shops, banks, ATMs, and other utility stores, thus, generating employment opportunities and transform lives.

Much before the construction work started, Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) had begun to lay the groundwork for this change through its social responsibilities in and around these areas. The Skill Development Institute (SEDI), set up by ACF at Nagaur in 2012, has facilitated numerous stories of progress and helped ACF to promote selfsufficiency and skill development, which have enabled positive results over the years. Since its inception, ACF has touched the lives of 65,700 people in 72 villages of Nagaur district with its various schemes and programs fostering in them the true spirit of I CAN.

But the most joyous part of this journey is that Ambuja Cements Limited’s (ACL) cement plant begins operations in a few months down the line.

The winds of change have already started blowing over the arid landscapes of Marwar-Mundwa. After all, a flicker of hope that had sparked 3 years ago has dawned into a sunshine of happiness. And this is just the nurturing of the plant of progress.