Adding strength to New India’s Mobility


The pleasant voice at the approach of a station as against the cacophony of traffic snarls is such a refreshing experience. The air-conditioned travel further enhances the comfort level. Convenience in its truest form.

Every day, millions of souls, zig-zag the length and breadth of a city in the pursuit to earn a livelihood without respite or reward. Traveling to work place and back home drains out energy, and more importantly, soaks up precious time.

An estimated 60% of the nation’s population is expected to move to urban areas by the year 2050. In the ever-changing scenario, and in the days of massive urbanization, Metro rail comes as a unique solution.

With a legacy of 35 years, Ambuja has taken a leap in the exercise of nation building by becoming a proud, and an able partner in this new generation rapid transit system project. Be it India’s first underwater Howrah-Kolkata rail tunnel in the east, integrated Mumbai Metro in the west, advanced Kochi Metro in the south, to the largest and busiest Delhi Metro in the north; team Ambuja has not only provided superior quality cement but also adequately supported the construction agencies by collaboratively sharing knowledge platform and technical know-how. In addition, the unique high-performance concrete solution added a renewed strength to build a robust and the safest infrastructure in the country.

With such rapid development of new India’s mobility, the day is not far, when people will reach their doorsteps, and will be closer to their loved ones: faster.