strategic priorities and progress

Shaping our future course

Aligned with the growth strategy of our parent company and rooted in our robust vision, our strategy has been designed to capitalise on emerging opportunities and ensure that we emerge more profitable, responsible and beneficial for our stakeholders.


To be the most sustainable and competitive company in our industry



Resource allocation in 2021

in 2021

Linkage to material issues

Key risks impacting strategy

Accelerating growth

To expand capacity and strengthen market position in core markets through low cost brownfields and greenfields

Spent towards capex

`580 CRORE
  • Commissioned 3.0 MTPA clinker and 1.8 MTPA cement greenfield integrated unit at Marwar September 2021
  • Finalised on brownfield expansion of 1.5 mn tonne cement at existing plant in Ropar, Punjab
  • Economic performance
  • Sustainable development
  • Elevated global energy prices and supply chain disruptions
  • Macro instability due to geo-political shocks

Leading in sustainability and innovation

Reinforcing our leadership by conducting business in a sustainable and inclusive manner along with the introduction of responsible products

Environment related spending

`154 CRORE
  • 2.7 million community members vaccinated
  • Waste heat recovery projects in progress across plants
  • Emerged as 8X water positive
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and climate change
  • Air emissions, Waste management, Circular economy (AFR)
  • Sourcing of water
  • Biodiversity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Climate change
  • Policies and regulations
  • Product responsibility
  • Local communities

Delivering superior performance

Ensuring superior performance of our existing portfolio through premium variants, cost efficiency projects, enhancing our people capabilities and digitalisation of systems and processes

Employee benefit expenses

`678 CRORE
  • Share of premium products in revenue increased 170 BPS
  • Per tonne cost increased by 3.4%
  • 8 man-hours of training provided for employee development
  • Economic performance
  • Attraction and retention of talent
  • Inflation
  • Cyber security
  • Employee retention

Expanding solutions and products

Continuing to scale up volume and revenue and strengthen our position in products and solutions segments

Continuous investments in innovation

  • Share of revenue from special products 17%
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sustainable constructions
  • Product innovation
  • Market acceptance