Guddi’s dream to Raid on Destiny


Guddi kicked furiously; clipping one’s shoulder, and stamping the other’s thigh. She flung her hands as far as she could. Pushed and shoved with all her might that she was fast losing. She was breathless. But she continued to mumble under her breath. After all, she was playing for a brighter tomorrow – for her, for the numerous girls like her, and for the women of her village, who had watched their own dreams blow away in the dry winds.

All of 14, Guddi Mundel is one of those aspiring applicants, who yearn to break the societal shackles and fulfil their dream of playing for Indian Kabaddi Team one day. A friendly game of kabaddi was held on 2nd August, 2019 at the inauguration of AKKA (Ambuja Kanya Kabaddi Academy), a part of Ambuja Cement Foundation, in the district of Nagaur, Rajasthan. 122 applications received till the day of inauguration was overwhelming, and a positive sign that it was indeed a step in the right direction.

AKKA is established to promote SUPER – 30 KANYA, a program where a total of 30 girls will be selected from Marwar-Mundwa and nearby villages, and groomed to become competent to play at the highest level and represent Rajasthan.

And that was Guddi’s leap. A leap that not only ensured she won the game for her team that day, but also won freedom for the girls from Nagaur. Next, she aspires to wear the proud tricolour, representing India. That day, Guddi Mundel would make a successful, and a consequential, raid on destiny.