Capital-wise performance

Intellectual capital

Our intellectual capital consists of the wealth of ideas, technical expertise, process knowledge, consistent capability of innovation and other intangibles such as our brand value and corporate culture. During the year, we strengthened our knowledge base through focused learning and development activities while leveraging our innovation strength to create new knowledge and formulate sustainable products and construction solutions that are aligned to a low carbon future.

We built a shield that let’s only smiles seep through

A house of one’s own is a long-cherished dream for millions of Indians. However, leaking walls and seepage in ceilings could turn this dream into a nightmare.

Realising that these problems are endemic to humid and tropical regions where water tables are low and waterlogging common, our R&D team decided to seek out a durable and affordable solution. And what resulted after intensive brain-storming, testing ideas and experimentation was Ambuja Kawach—a product with inherent water-repellent features that worked as a shield against seepage and without any chemical additives.

Kawach was manufactured using waste materials/mineral admixtures, which replaced clinker in the production process. The result was 30% lower carbon footprint compared with ordinary Portland cement. Launched virtually during the lockdown, Kawach garnered nearly 2.9% of our total sales in a short span, despite the challenging demandsupply environment.

The product met with a resounding response. The Solar Impulse Foundation endorsed Kawach as one of Holcim’s Top 10 solutions globally, that was both ‘green’ and created ‘economic value’ for its customers.

While the introduction of Kawach has strengthened customer preference for the Ambuja brand to actualise their dream home; it is the spirit to think out-ofthe-box and create customised solutions for our customers that has proved to be true once again.


Stakeholders and investors


Government and regulatory authorities



Construction professionals



Industry associations


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Economic performance
  • Sustainable construction


  • Maintaining market position
  • Resource availability and price
  • Cyber security


Value creation at a glance


Developments and key initiatives



Strengthening reach of Ambuja Kawach

7 . 7 lakh

tonnes of Kawach sales volume achieved during the year


  • Address challenges at construction sites and marketplace for sustainable construction
  • Augmented onsite sustainable construction solutions
  • Technical guidance on rainwater harvesting


Sites where modular curing solutions were provided


customer sites provided with instant mix solutions In CY2021


Strengthen digital transformation for internal and external stakeholders

  • Tech-enabled operations across the value chain

in CY2021


We are a frontrunner in technology use and have built on our reputation as pioneers in product innovation through our strong emphasis on research and development. We are constantly innovating not only to bring new and sustainable products and solutions to the market but also optimise resource use and decarbonise the cement industry. We are scaling up digitalisation across the organisation value chain to strengthen our competitive edge in the market.


We take proactive initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint, while enhancing our product quality and brand promise. Our products and services help our customers and construction professionals reduce their carbon footprint, manage maintenance requirements and cost of operations, making the projects greener and cleaner with lower environmental footprint.

During 2021, we continued to scale up our sustainable products and solutions.

  • Launched in 2020, Ambuja Kawach has emerged as a preferred product for its unmatched attributes. To expand availability, we started supplying the product from four more plants – Bhatapara, Dadri, Ropar and Darlaghat. Currently, Ambuja Kawach is supplied to 17 states and Union Territories from 12 plants across the country. The product has seen an overall growth in volume by 328% on y-o-y basis
  • Ambuja Cool Walls, our green solution for walls, is made of pre-cast autoclaved aerated concrete with a special heat-barrier technology that helps keeping homes cooler during summer and warm during winters. In 2021, we added six new plants for Ambuja Cool Walls manufacturing, reaching a total of 18 plants pan-India, and a 25% volume growth on a y-o-y basis.
  • Our blended cements portfolio, consisting of Ambuja Plus, Ambuja Kawach, Ambuja Compocem and Ambuja Cement (PPC), is now listed in the Green Product Catalogue of Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), a national green rating system of India codeveloped by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. Our products were evaluated on third-party test results, benchmarks and environmental certifications etc.


Ambuja Kawach has been endorsed by Solar Impulse Foundation, a renowned environmental non-profit, as ‘Green Building Solution’. We are the first cement brand from India to be awarded this label. Ambuja Kawach also features among the first top ten Holcim solutions recognised by Solar Impulse Foundation.

Technical services

We have developed various products and solutions with ‘Ambuja Certified Technology’ to enable sustainable construction, which has become a key differentiator for the Company. Our Technical Services team undertakes various initiatives to promote sustainable construction. Instant concrete mix proportioning solution, which reduces usage of natural resources, is one onsite construction solution provided by the Company. During the year, this solution was provided to 14,824 customer sites, leading to a saving of ~17.20 million litres of water. Modular Curing or Zero Water Curing solution is another such sustainable construction solution, which was provided at 1,994 sites, saving ~24 million litres water at construction sites.

Our team is also creating awareness about Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) solution and helping customers implement the same at their sites. During 2021, RWH solution was provided at 100 sites, conserving ~8.5 million litres water annually.

Our applicator training programs have helped masons and contractors upgrade skills across the country.

During the year, 514 contractors were covered under various training programs and 1,000+ contractors were educated digitally at the height of the pandemic.


Customer sites advised on Zero Water Curing solution, leading to saving of ~24 million litres water

Ambuja Knowledge Center

The Ambuja Knowledge Center was as a knowledge sharing platform for architects and engineers. We have 19 such centres across the country to promote and educate construction professionals on sustainable construction and advanced material and techniques. During the year, 5,350 professionals were covered through various knowledge sharing activities and webinars helped reach out to over 1,500 leading professionals.


With an aim to strengthen operations and enhance our competitiveness, we are driving digitalisation initiatives focusing on Operational Excellence, Controls and Compliance and Culture.

For external stakeholders

Contractors are an important stakeholder, given their importance to the individual house builder (IHB), a primary segment we cater to. To empower, engage and fulfil the unmet needs of contractors, we launched Ambuja Abhimaan, a differentiated long-term loyalty program. The program has achieved many milestones, including recognition as one of best mobile loyalty programs, engaging and benefiting 80,000+ key contractors. Besides earning loyalty points, we are also facilitating contractors to market their own work and manage their projects with help of Ambuja Darpan, a business aid mobile app, further buttressing the loyalty. The key features of the app are contractor profiling and estimator among others. It also offers Vaastu tips, event calendar and Ambuja dealer locator facilities that can be used both online and offline.

For internal stakeholders

We have two apps for our Technical Services team – My World, which helps capture onfield efforts in Customer Relationship Management and Ambuja Abhimaan which is used both by contractors as well as the Company’s officers. This year, we incorporated the Price MIS (Management Information System) mechanism in both the apps to get the correct and on-ground information from the market.

Plants of Tomorrow

Following the Plants of Tomorrow program of Holcim, we are implementing automation technologies and robotics, artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance across the entire production process. We have implemented predictive tools for quality assurance (FinCem) and piloted predictive tools for maintenance (Preheated Cyclone Blockage, Kiln Energy Optimisation, Ball Mill Slide Shoe Failure, Refractory Lining Failure) to enhance product quality, plant efficiency and safety.

Another Plants of Tomorrow initiative is TIS/PACT- the Technical Information System and Performance & Collaboration Tool--which helps take operational decisions based on data about weekly operations, monthly performances, projects and actions. We have introduced Edge AI at all manufacturing locations to facilitate rapid deployment of predictive models and seamless connectivity with plant data sources.

We also initiated the Digital Eye Program, which facilitates inspection of confined spaces through the use of drones. The concept of connecting mines through the Mines of Tomorrow initiatives was also introduced.


The Transport Analytics Center (TAC) is helping us enhance logistics efficiency through route optimisation, cost optimisation and increase road safety. We are leveraging BlueYonder and other software packages to drive logistics efficiency in the organisation.

76 %

Safe kms through TAC