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Ambuja Kawach

Engineered with cutting edge technology –
Ambuja Kawach is a specially formulated cement with high quality water-repellent properties and is a one-of-its-kind product

Developed with special performance enhancing components, its superior water repellent quality enables Ambuja Kawach to act as a shield against water seepage. It can be used for all applications (foundation, slab & walls) and it ensures that your house can withstand the vagaries of harsh weather.

Use Ambuja Kawach for all your building needs – Build a stronger home and be worry free from all water seepage related issues.


The benefits of using Ambuja Kawach are:

No Seepage, No Leakage
Superior water repellent properties, which ensures no leakage and no seepage

Ambuja’s legendary strength combined with water-resistance feature helps in preventing the entry of chemicals, impurities and moisture present in the environment ensuring enhanced durability

The superior chemical properties resolves the problem of ‘Shora’ (Efflorescence) as it ensures no leakage and no seepage

Corrosion Resistant
The hydrophobic nature of Ambuja Kawach limits oxidation in reinforcement steel in concrete and prevents corrosion

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