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Ambuja Cool Walls

Ambuja Cool Walls - Walls that keep your home 5˚C cooler.
With their innovative Heat-Barrier Technology, Ambuja’s Cool Walls Concrete Blocks and Blockol joining mortar keep homes 5 degrees cooler compared to traditional bricks.
What’s more, Ambuja Cool Walls are a stronger, better alternative to brick walls that often have the persistent problem of ‘salt’ or efflorescence that eats through the plaster.
Easier to use, they need no curing saving you time and resources. Ambuja Cool Walls are the way to build for lasting savings and strength.

Top 4 Reasons to replace Bricks with Ambuja Cool Walls Concrete Blocks

  • Insulates your home against the sun ensuring your home stays up to 5 degrees cooler
  • Ambuja Cool Walls’ Concrete Blocks provide twice the strength of brick
  • No problem ever of any ‘shora’ or salt coming through
  • Provide superior finish, need less plaster and provide absolutely straight walls




Benefits of Ambuja Cool Walls Concrete Blocks

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