Customer Care and Support
Ambuja has always focused on its customers. Our
approach in the market is to give our customers the
greatest value. We make continuous efforts to provide the
best quality product, accompanied by the best marketing
and technical support. Customer Support Group (CSG)
offers guidance & support to targeted segments as per
their needs. This includes awareness programmes, training
& skill development, and knowledge sharing. CSG
supports customers in assuring, demonstrating, and
providing guidance for stronger construction. Customer
support engineers (CSEs) meet customers during
construction site visits, at channel partners’ shops, during
awareness programmes like individual house builder (IHB)
meets, group meets, etc.

Consistent excellence in quality, innovative products and
customer delight are important for the success of Ambuja.
We engage in a comprehensive manner with all customer
segments like individual house builders (IHBs), small &
large builders, small & large contractors as well as the
Government. The IHB segment is addressed through our
channel of dealers and retailers. Institutional buyers are
directly serviced by Ambuja. The institutional customer
segment, although smaller, is growing at a faster rate.
With continuous urbanisation and new government
projects, this segment would play a significant role in
our business growth. We aim to be a complete solution
provider to this segment. We engage with the institutional
segment regularly on a one-to-one basis through sales
calls and through our Ambuja Knowledge Centres (AKCs).
Our Key Account Management (KAM) group engages with
these consumers. Satisfaction and feedback measurement
are carried out through formal and informal methods with
consumer segmaents as well as channels.
Brand health studies are conducted with individual
customers to measure brand equity. Net Promoter Score
methodology is used to gauge the satisfaction levels of
dealers. The Customer Complaint System (CCS) addresses
customer complaints about product quality.

Awareness Initiatives

Site Visits: CSEs visit construction sites to observe
construction, material quality and construction practices.
They offer suggestions & guidance to customers &
contractors to improve construction practices:
  • Use of Portland Pozzolana Cement.
  • Use of other ingredients (Alccofine, concrete bricks)
  • and/or adoption of different practices like modular
    curing & insulated wall method for sustainable
  • Safety while working on site.
  • Encouraging masons to adopt correct practices to
    make strong & durable structures.
Awareness Programmes: CSG organises awareness
programmes & demonstrations to show customers how to
observe & monitor construction. Customers are either
nominated by channel partners or identified during site
visits & sent individual invitations. These programmes give

an opportunity for active interaction with customers and in turn get us their valuable feedback. Our customer support
group (CSG) team carried out 21,406 man days of
training/awareness sessions for masons, contractors,
supervisors and construction professionals during 2014.

Brand Promotion

The Ambuja brand boasts about strong and unbreakable
walls. We have developed effective communication tools
to take our brand to the next level, without compromising
our core brand position of strength. For more details read
the ‘Brand Story’ on our website.

We have been providing technical services to our
customers through our Customer Support Group.
We started a toll-free service in our primary markets and
released advertisements in leading newspapers in
Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Punjab, creating awareness
about our services and directing interested customers to
call our toll-free number.

The Company carries out periodic customer satisfaction and consumer perception surveys to fine tune its
products and other marketing offerings. These surveys are carried according to global standards like Nielsen’s Brand Equity Index (BEI), Net Promoter Score (NPS) & those of other research agencies. The feedback from various programmes is used for customer/influencer education. The NPS survey was also conducted through a web portal by our dealers. We received 133 queries during the year. No customer complaints or consumer cases were pending at the end of the year. The Company has set up a system of receiving customer/consumer complaints via a toll-free number. Quality related complaints are addressed by a dedicated team of civil engineers in the CSG.

Ambuja does not/has not sold products that are banned in
certain markets or are the subject of stakeholder questions or public debate.

There are no complaints received/pending regarding
breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data.