Key Impacts, Risks and Opportunities
Risks and/or Opportunities Ambuja’s Initiatives
Energy Ambuja’s Initiatives
Energy is one of the major expense baskets in the cement
industry. Coal price escalation, stressed supplies and
faltering quality continue to remain a major area of concern.
We are constantly working towards reducing traditional
energy consumption through measures such as use of
greener fuels and increasing the production of blended
cements. ‘Energy Activation across Regional Network’
(EARN) is an in-house initiative that Ambuja has embarked upon, to build a lean energy culture across the Company.
Water Availability Ambuja’s Initiatives
Availability of water has become a significant risk area,
considering the mounting pressure on the available water
resources. Our operations require water for use in cooling,
dust suppression, and domestic needs.

Rising concern for ready and continued water availability at manufacturing sites owing to unpredictable weather patterns, coupled with increase in costs for water procurement, may pose risks to our operations.
Water conservation remains a key element of our
sustainability agenda. As in previous years, we have
maintained our focus on water sustainability. Ambuja is
committed to conserve & use water resources in a responsible manner. All our plants track water withdrawal & consumption. Plants send monthly Water Management Reports (WMRs) to Corporate Office for information & discussion in regional as well as national executive committees of Top Management. Thus, the Water KPI (key performance indicator) is used to compare the performance of different plants with respect to improvement over past performance.
Mining Ambuja’s Initiatives
Our operations include mining activities. The key challenges associated with mining operations are land acquisition, mineral distribution, ground water table intersection, and mine rehabilitation. The Company extracts limestone from its captive mines.
These mines, being captive, allow better operational control from the quarry to the finished product, which supports quality enhancement. It continues to adopt state-of-the-art mining techniques with due regard to pollution control, environment preservation, and safe mining.

We employ the best available technologies with minimal disturbance. The technologies employed include surface miners which cut imestone without blasting; and the latest controlled lasting technique which allows mineral extraction with minimal noise and vibration.

As a responsible company, Ambuja uses over land belt
conveyor (OLBC) systems for transportation of limestone
from the mine to the stockpile. Mine rehabilitation is an
important environmental aspect and the Company takes it seriously. In order to prevent degradation of the mined out areas, the Company has meticulous plans for their
rehabilitation and post mining use.